Dispensing Opticians

Corporate Eye Care

We know that your eyes are precious. But your eyes also happen to be very sensitive. Your eyesight may deteriorate so gradually that you might not even notice it. It is because of this reason that it is very important for you to get regular eye check-ups. Eye tests and eye examinations are indicators of not only your eye conditions but also your general health. Eye care is a very important part of your health regime.

Corporate eye care is one of the eye care programs that we offer. Under this corporate eye care program, it is compulsory for employers employing staff using VDUs to publicize the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 to the staff employed by them. It is also required of them to provide full eyesight test and eye examinations by a professional and qualified ophthalmic medical practitioner or an optometrist. Screening tests do not satisfy the necessary requirements. We are also required to provide you with follow up eye tests. The time frame of these follow up tests will depend on the recommendation given by the ophthalmologist.

The new employees are also required to be provided with eye tests. VDU corrective spectacles are also to be provided for VDU use. You can contact us to book a corporate eye test. You can also contact us to get competitive deals on corporate eye care.