Dispensing Optician

Dispensing optician taking care of your eyes with good eyewear

A dispensing optician should be able to us a lens meter which verifies the accuracy of the prescription of the eyewear. They play a major role in manufacturing the eyeglasses with proper orientation and marking uncut lenses. They would also see that the lenses fit into the spectacle frames irrespective of the size and model. They can correct any performance related issues in the lenses along with the measurements.

Checking the accuracy of progressive lenses is also a duty of the opticians. They would use the pupil meter to measure the pupillary distance thereby ensuring the position of eyeglasses matches the prescribed visual axis. Even a tiny error would cause severe eye strain to the patient. And hence this job demands high level of responsibility and diligence. A dispensing optician would be aware of the technology that is used in testing and manufacturing eyewear.

The optician will also use the keratometer to measure the curvature of the anterior surface of the cornea to assess the extent and axis of astigmatism. They also use other equipment such as binocular slit lamp to get a magnified view of the eye structure in detail and come to a conclusion regarding eye conditions. Over the years technology has increased tremendously and latest equipment is being used in almost every eye care center. The opticians keep themselves abreast of the changing technology to provide great service to the patients.