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Need for Periodic Eye Tests

Eye tests are painless procedures during which optical physicians use diagnostic instruments to check the overall health of the eye, determine clarity of vision, and determine whether or not eyewear is needed to correct sight.  

Certain sections of society are eligible for free eye tests, as declared by the National Health Service (NHS). War veterans, senior citizens, patients suffering from diabetes or glaucoma, and the visually-impaired come under this category.

It is also important for software professionals to get their eyes tested regularly as they spend long hours working on computers and are susceptible to eye problems.  Not many people are aware that children, even infants need to be taken for regular eye screening to detect visual impairments. Children as young as two years of age spend too many hours viewing television which is a major cause of sight defects among children.

There are various types of tests carried out to identify eye disorders. There are four standard eye tests to detect glaucoma. They are Ophthalmoscopy, Tonometry, Gonioscopy and Perimetry.

Visual fields of the eyes are also tested to detect abnormalities such as retinitis pigmentosa (retinal disease), tumor in the optic nerve or visual cortex, and macular degeneration (macular disease).

Eye Tests must be done periodically by capable physicians as these tests help detect the onset of eye defects and other eye sight problems or abnormalities at an early stage when they can still be treated.