Dispensing Opticians

Corporate Eye tests scheme

Corporate eye tests scheme is very essential for employees working with Visual Display Units, which are their computer monitors. Corporate eye care tests are carried out for employees of small to large organizations where each employee pays a subscription fee annually for the service and avails free eye check ups at the appointed eye hospital when needed. The group may have any number of employees ranging from just 4 to as many as 4000 in number and this eye care scheme is provided by many of the cooperate eye care organizations.

The Corporate Eye tests Scheme also helps in ensuring that the legal requirements of employees are met and as a part of their own employee benefits scheme. Basically a corporate eye care Scheme would provide service of a standard fee for a full eye examination by a qualified optometrist or ophthalmic medical practitioner.

The Health and Safety Regulations in 1992 introduced the “Display Screen Equipment” regulation to improve conditions for all employees who work with Visual Display Units (VDUs) and who require safety glasses for it. The corporate eye scheme also includes this regulation as one of its features and a complete pair of Visual Display Unit spectacles is included.