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Contact lens wearers at risk of blindness, warns Opticians

There comes a time in everyone's life when you have a severe irritation like pain in your eyes but yet you are not able to properly assess the root cause of the problem, so if you too while reading this are left wondering what to do if you have a situation like this, read on! Visiting an optician would be your best bet and here is where you should make the best and informed choice about selecting an optician for you.

Over the counter medicines, eye lubricant solutions and eye drops would only provide you a temporarily relief and would not always work thus selecting a well read and qualified optician is an essential prerequisite and one that can help you in easing your eye problem smoothly and quickly. So it really boils down to the assessment of your eye problem and the selection of the best optician who will instantly guess your problem without even you telling him! And what does it take to select this optician? Simply go around a hospital and ask for a eye specialist, if they have an eye specialist, you are in best hands and if not the staff would automatically refer you to the optician that the hospital recommends in case of emergency and alternatively you could always ask for more choices.